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Guide to this website’s menus:


This is just a menu title; which, when you hover, displays 6 menu areas:

Why Not Join Us?

This Page is the default starting display and shows a progress chart for a beginner to Lawn bowls in Manitoba.  Below the displayed circle, are buttons that will link the user to some promotional pages:

More About Us     (Club photos & info supplied by our Clubs)

Club Photos          (Scenes snapped by members at recent club events)

Email help?          (An email launcher to the webmaster)

Directions            (Maps to each Manitoba Club)

Bowls Clubs         (Opens the contact info for each member club)

Public Transit     (Opens the page of Wpg Transit bus routes)

Bowls Clubs         Contact information for each member club

ANNOUNCEMENTS     Hover on it to display these 4 menu areas:

Hall Rental Details                  Unchanging contact/promo for Hall rental

News – Announcements         Constantly updated news about anything relevant

Executive/Club Contacts        Current Exec of BMI & Club Reps w/phone #

Help with Menu                        A seasonal guide to what is happening here.


COMPETITIONS      Hover on it to display 10 menu areas:

55+ Games 2020              Promotion of St John’s playdowns for 2020 games

2020 World Bowls          Recognition of Rob Law’s participation in Australia

Youth Bowls                    Promotion of our young bowlers in recent years

National Results            A picture + hyperlink to Bowls Canada’s results page

Competition Access      Graphic with button-hyperlinks to all activity pages

InterClub Schedule       Planned dates & pictures taken at InterClub games

Events Scheduled          Our Spring list of events with convenor contact info.

Indoor Bowling              Photos & planned dates & times for current year

Special Events/Rules    So far, just Lightning rule + one 2019 event

Results Dashboard:

                             Prov./Assn. Events        Latest photos & winners as received


                                      Singles                     Each week’s results of league play

                                      3-bowl Pairs           ditto

                                      Fours league          ditto


          Our History                          Pictures submitted for big events (may be dropped)

          History of Bowls in MB          A timeline from 1907 to present.

          Bowls Around the World          Some history of the sport’s origin.

          In Memoriam                      A list of members who have passed on.

         Completed Events

             Frequent Flyer Miles      A spreadsheet display of nationals visits by members

             2019 Results                       A saved record of that year’s activities.

             2018 Results                       (ditto)  (all except retained Pages of history & photos)

             2017 Results                       (A summary of that year’s activities)