Singles League Results

Group A
Week 1: Elaine Jones defeated John Bjornson, Rick Knockaert defeated Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, Trevor Feltham defeated May Goldsworthy, Brian Kullman defeated Ron Nurse, Alan Curd defeated Bob Van Walleghem
Week 2: Rick Knockaert defeated John Bjornson, Betty Van Walleghem defeated May Goldsworthy, Elaine Jones defeated Trevor Feltham, Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong defeated Ron Nurse

Group B
Week 1: John Preston defeated Maya Pogson, David Kerr defeated Jane Pogson, Russell Czypinski defeated Cal Goldsworthy, Don Simeone defeated Angie Kenning

Malcolm On The Move

A great friend of MB bowls is moving on. After 34 yrs of distinguished service in the Canadian Armed Forces he is pulling the plug, AKA retiring. Malcolm retires as a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO). This is the highest rank that a non-commissioned member can achieve, one which many aspire to but very few attain. Bravo! His career started out at HMCS Brunswicker in Saint John, NB and is coming to an end here in Winnipeg. Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan will be his next home – where he has secured a professional opportunity and where he can continue enjoying lawn bowls. We wish him the very best!

Malcolm with wife and parents (l-r) Marie, Aileen, Malky Snr, and The Chief – Gimli’s Gozunder Cup winners

Malcolm’s been our COVID-19 Singles League convener for the past couple years. His departure will leave us in need of a replacement. BMI is grateful for Malcolm’s meaningful contributions to our bowls community. He’s been a convener, an organiser, an A list competitor, and a great ambassador for bowls. Regarding his time as a member of Bowls Manitoba Malcolm writes “Thank you everyone for your friendliness, this is truly what being a Manitoban is all about!”

Norwood Know-How

It’s no secret that Norwood LBC has an exceptional group of dedicated volunteers. You might say they are the beating heart of a healthy club. Whether it be the meticulous care and grooming of our green or the development and construction of new projects to beautify and enhance the surroundings, thier efforts are unmatched. Featuring the perfect combination of brains and brawn, they can do anything. Oft times this hard work goes unnoticed. Here are some images of recent goings-on. Though there are many committed members who contribute to Norwood’s success, most of the heavy lift is done by Dennis D, John B, Bob V, Gerry C, Rick K, Bob A, Harold F, and Donna G. Bravo!!!