Linden Ridge News

Triples League 
The LRLBC will bowl this winter season with eight triples teams on Wednesday mornings starting Oct 14th at Soul Sanctuary, 2050 Chevrier Blvd.  There will be no jitney in the afternoons.  If you are interested in being a spare for the league email

Singles League
LRLBC will run a singles league this coming winter season on Mondays starting Oct 19th. Based on our call for interest in running a singles league we have ten players. The deadline for registration for the singles league is Sat, Sept 26th. Please register by emailing We can accommodate a maximum of sixteen players. To avoid byes we need an even number of players. We bowl either in the morning or afternoon on Mondays depending on the draw.  Players are expected to mark games (if available) when not playing in the morning or afternoon. Last year we had a schedule for marking. We can bowl with ten players but the more players the better. Approximate cost is $70.00 based on nine games with ten players.
Thank you.

St Johns 8 Ender Club

Congratulations to St Johns members Jocelyn Horrigan and Ted Sidloski for scoring the perect 8 during a club game on Aug 25th. Below are the two previous teams who achieved 8 enders at St Johns this season, Greg Duplak & Josh Braun, and Jacob Braun & Russell Czypinski. Quite the summer of success at St Johns. Way to go!!

Linden Ridge LBC Triples League Updt.

The triples league now has twenty four (eight teams) confirmed players. We can run the league this winter with eight teams but ideally ten teams is preferred. That means we need a total of six more players to register before the deadline on Sep. 12th. We need an even number of teams to avoid byes. We have been fortunate to have received a grant to purchase these carpets from overseas and we want to make full use of them.  These carpets are very similar in speed to those carpets played on for the indoor national championship in Vancouver and at international competitions. Covid-19 has certainly affected our numbers this year. We understand and our club will have in place safety guidelines in place to minimize risk. There is still time to register by emailing or call 204-275-1786.