Menu Scope


Guide to intent of pages – please contact me with suggestions at:   Thanks, Pete

My plan is to display upcoming events, announcements, and results—along with some background for new members.  As the season progresses, the menu choices reflect what is currently happening.  Thus, the year commences while only the Indoor bowling league and jitney events are being played at the Recreation Centres.

By March, opportunities to act as convenor of the year’s competitions are announced along with the venues.  Next will be the Leagues for singles, pairs, and fours on the Artificial green – with the League Results being posted weekly.

As the Clubs elect their contacts and plan their events, the Club Info will be updated.  Association events’ results will be displayed with photos, followed by Provincial events under the label “Assoc./Prov”.

By the Fall, and the start of National Events, I’ll open the “Championships” menu and display results and photos.

A ‘Migration’ of results will take place each year:  The League menu will close and the results move to the ‘annual results’ file; the Assoc and Prov menu will close and the results migrate to the ‘annual results’; then the Championships menu will close into the ‘annual results’ to make way for the ‘Indoor bowling’ menu.

Announcements will include International events happening around the world, along with notices of Meetings, Elections, Items for Sale, and the InterClub schedule.

Photos are gratefully received and will be posted in various locations:  Event winners photos will accompany the event result; club promotional pictures will either be in the Club Photos or About Us menu; and winners of Perfect End awards will likely be within the Announcements.  I do ask that you provide the names in the order of the persons’ position in the picture.