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Provincial and Association completed events in 2019

Provincial Ladies’ Singles

2019 Prov Singles Champion

At her home club, Norwood LBC, Betty Van Walleghem won the first tournament of the season.  Joining her as the Singles Representatives for Manitoba will be Kris Madsen.

2019 Prov Singles MB Reps

Provincial Men’s Fours

2019 Prov Men's Fours

Also played at Norwood LBC, a victory for skip, Jerome Kirby.  Shown here are the victorious Phil Clark, Brian Kullman, Jerome Kirby, and Gerry Venderbos.  In second place was a team skipped by Nate Jacobucci.

Provincial Ladies’ Pairs

2019 Prov Ladies Pairs
In second place was the team of Betty Van Walleghem & Sandra Mulholland.  Eight teams had competed for the Pairs title.

Provincial Men’s Singles

2019 Prov Men's Singles John Bjornson2019 Prov Singles winners
In all, eight players contested the singles title this year.

Provincial Indoor Singles

2019 Prov Indoor Singles F
Ladies’ Indoor Champion for 2019 is Kris Madsen – she was uncontested this year.

2019 Prov Indoor Singles M
Men’s Indoor Champion is Jerome Kirby, who battled with John Bjornson for the final win.  The four entrants played each other twice.

2019 Prov Indoor Singles M2

2019 Provincial U18 Juniors

Held at Sargent Park this year, there was a very low turn-out for the Under 14 Boys, and the Under 18 Boys events.  There were no entries for the equivalent Girls events.

2019 Prov Juniors J&J

2019 Nine-ender
Here’s one for Ripley’s:
Sharon Tully,  Verna Lewis  &  Ben Hochman bowled a Nine-Ender on  Tuesday, July 9, 2019

2019 Provincial Men’s Pairs

2019 Mens Doubles Win.jpg
Winners:  Bob Van Walleghem and John Bjornson
2019 Mens Doubles RunUp
Runners Up:  Ed Mulholland and Rob Law

Provincial Ladies’ Fours

2019 Prov Ladies Fours
Winners:  Sandra Mulholland, Betty Grundy, Elaine Jones,  and (skip) Betty Van Walleghem 
Runners up:  Jean Roeland (skip),  Emilie Ammazzini,  Sylvia Erickson,  and  Joanne Kullman

Association Triples

2019 Assoc Triples Winners
2019 Assoc Triples 2nd
2019 Assoc Triples 3rd place
There were 8 teams entered and a well-fought battle for the top three teams.

Senior Men’s Triples

2019 Senior Men's Triples win

Runners Up were Ed Mulholland, Rick Knockaert & Ron Nurse

Ladies’ Senior Triples

2019 Senior Women's Triples win

Runners UpJean Roeland, Emilie Ammazzini, & Joanne Kullman

Manitoba Mixed Pairs

2019 Mixed Pairs winners
Tim Lane and Chris Moore, playing at their own club in Brandon, MB, won the event edging out fellow Wheat City club members, Rod Rose & Jane Neil by one point!  However, Rod & Jane did manage to bowl a perfect 6-bowl end during the match.
2019 Mixed Pairs participants 2019 Mixed Pairs perfect 6 end

Association Open Fours

2019 Assoc Open Fours win

2019 Assoc Open Fours runup
Runners-Up were Linda Ames, Ian Thompson, George Ames (skip), and Alan Curd

Tom Moore Open Pairs

2019 Tom Moore Winners
This year’s winners of the Tom Moore Trophy – a pairs tournament for first & second year bowlers – are from Norwood LBC and in their first year of bowling.  The tournament was played at Tuxedo LBC.  The runners-up were Bev Mulholland & Kerry Northmore from Tuxedo.

Association Open Pairs

2019 Senior Men's Pairs
This year’s winners, from Tuxedo, are Ed Mulholland & Alan Curd – the event was held at Tuxedo LBC.   Runners-up Malcolm Taylor & Aline Taylor are pictured below:

2019 Assoc Open Pairs RUp

Perfect Ends played

On July 9th at St. Johns LBC – Sharon Tully, Verna Lewis, & Ben Hochman

On July 11th at Gimli LBC – Norm Carrothers, Tim Cochosky, & Chris Watkinson

& on August 28th at St. Johns LBC – David Babiniec, Pat Gomes, Jocelyn Horrigan, & Joy Batchelor

Canadian Youth Championships

Jacob Braun of St. John’s LBC, representing Manitoba on his first national tournament at Juan de Fuca in Victoria, BC, did remarkable well.  In the Junior Boys Singles he won two of his matches–against Saskatchewan and Alberta–but lost to BC and Ontario.  

However, he was then paired with Michael Fraser of BC in the Forster-Lang Pairs — and they took GOLD!  With three wins and just one loss in the matches, they won the play-offs with a 10-4 victory.

2019 Jacob prs 3

National Women’s Fours – Burlington, ON

2019 Prov medal Ladies Fours
Defeating Alberta in the Bronze Medal game, Betty’s team’s record was 5-2-2 for the week.

Association Mixed Fours

Despite inclement weather 14 teams participated at St. James LBC.  The winners were Joan Rasmussen, Rick Knockaert, Gerry Chudrick and Jo Anne Liberty.2019 Assoc Mix 4s

The runners-up were Gord Horton, Lorraine Horton, Mardal Flynn and Bob Yewchyn

National Ladies’ Senior Triples – Montreal, PQ

2019 Prov Ladies Sr Triples b
Barb Heinrichs, Donna Gobeil (skip), and Brenda Frank with their Bronze Medals; and below on the podium in Montreal
2019 Prov Ladies Sr Triples a

National Mixed Pairs

Although Tim Lane and Kathy Foley (from Brandon) were edged out of the bronze medal round this year, we do have a couple of pictures:

2019 Indoor Singles in Vancouver

2019 Cdn Indoor Jerome Kirby

2019 US Open


While his teams, made up of several countries, didn’t medal, Rob Law competed in both the Men’s Triples and Men’s Fours, held in November.  He was Canada’s only contestant.

2019 Summary Nat attendees

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