Fours League Results

2019 Kirby Four League
Phil Clark,  Gerry Venderbos,  Jerome Kirby,  and Brian Kullman – the 2019  4’s winners.

2019 4's windup

In Second Place were Team Mulholland and in Third, Team Jacobucci.

The above group picture, taken at the Wind-up BBQ at Dakota, includes:  Front Row: Donna G, Jean, Brenda, Betty V, Sylvia, JoAnne, Sandra, Paulette, Joanne, Joan, & Elaine;  Second Row:  Clarice, Marilyn, Donna Law, Shirley, Emilie, Lorraine, Gord, Ed, Betty G, Mardal, Phil, Rick, Gerry V, John, Shirley, Nate, Barb, Gerry C, & Brian.

Standings Fours 2019 1