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Norwood Know-How

It’s no secret that Norwood LBC has an exceptional group of dedicated volunteers. You might say they are the beating heart of a healthy club. Whether it be the meticulous care and grooming of our green or the development and construction of new projects to beautify and enhance the surroundings, thier efforts are unmatched. Featuring the perfect combination of brains and brawn, they can do anything. Oft times this hard work goes unnoticed. Here are some images of recent goings-on. Though there are many committed members who contribute to Norwood’s success, most of the heavy lift is done by Dennis D, John B, Bob V, Gerry C, Rick K, Bob A, Harold F, and Donna G. Bravo!!!

Linden Ridge LBC – Gettin’ ‘er Done

The bowling at Linden Ridge may have ended but the cleaning and storing of our carpets still remained. Volunteers were out in force on Monday vacuuming the front and back of our five carpets. A crew of at least six volunteers over three hours with vacuums cleaned the carpets for the final roll-up. The roll-up was meticulously done by three other volunteers. This was a slow and deliberate process to ensure a tight and even roll. A very important task to properly prepare and preserve the carpet for six months of storage. Two volunteers replaced one carpet tube with PVC pipe retrofitted with an insertable wheel-bearings mechanism. Harold stepped up during the season to produce and create the PVC solution. The Club has long looked for ways to reduce the back breaking stresses on volunteers rolling up carpet at the end of league play.

Thank you Harold for your hard work and ingenuity in developing the the new tubing and components. Early results look very promising in eliminating lifting that is done to reduce carpet spiralling. This can be very hard on your back and has always been a safety concern for our volunteers and the Club. It will however come at a cost if the Club decides to do the other four carpets with PVC pipe and will depend on available resources. I can’t thank all of our volunteers enough for taking the time to help the Club throughout the entire season.

I do believe that the success of our club can ofttimes be attributed to the commitment and participation of its volunteer base. We have that at Linden Ridge and it couldn’t have been more evident than what I witnessed on Monday. Thank you to our crew!! – Alan Curd, Brenda Frank, Ben Goebel, Brian Jones, David Kerr, Don Pattie, Donna Gobeil, Gerry Moore, Harold Forsyth, Jerome Kirby, John Preston 

Gerry Chudrick – Convenor 

Linden Ridge Leagues

Singles League Results

Congratulations to Jerome Kirby in capturing the “A” side singles title. A perfect record no less. John Bjornson finished second and Donna Gobeil finished third in a head to head tie break with Ben Goebel. Congratulations to Barb Heinrichs on winning the “B” side. Harold Forsyth finished second in a head to head tie break with Rick Nobess. A total of sixteen players competed this year in the Singles League.  

Triples League Results

Congratulations to David Kerr, Donna Gobeil and Diane MacIver on finishing first in the Triples League. The team of Jerome Kirby, Mardal Flynn and Elaine Jones finished a strong second despite getting together in the latter part of the season.  Gerry Chudrick, Harold Forsyth and Rick Nobess finished third. A total of eight teams competed this season in the Triples League.

Although it was a shortened season this year due to Covid-19 it was great to be able to get out and bowl. Games were competitive and it was a great experience for everyone to play on a world class surface where controlling your weight and consistently finding the right line was challenging and a must to get the right shot. Special thanks to Gerry Chudrick and his dedicated crew for thier hard work and exceptional leadership in bringing these opportunities to us. Bravo!

Singles League Opportunity

Here’s an update on the COVID-19 Singles League. If you are interested in joining up please let me know? As the third wave of COVID-19 is upon us, I don’t have any further direction as to what the Provincial Restrictions will allow us to do for bowling in 2021 at this time. Currently there are twenty-two bowlers signed up for the Singles League that have been broken up into two groups. If you know of anyone who is interested in joining us, there is room for four more players in Group A and two more player in Group B, or another option may involve a third group to balance things out, if we have interest from six additional bowlers. Ideally Group A would run from 4 May – 29 Jun (Possibly followed by a two-week playoff bracket) and Group B would run from 4 May – 13 Jul. If we add a bad weather day or two, then both groups could run until the 20/27 Jul or longer. 

Malcolm Taylor

Gateway LBC Welcomes Bowlers Back

Casual bowls is back @ Gateway. Bowling will be as in the past but with COVID-19 rules applying. So, Wednesdays, between 12:30 and (NLT) 12:45. Bring a mask and your own bowls if you have some. You will be required to wear the mask at all times. For more info contact Phil @ 204 668 9180 or email