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We provide Winnipeg and Manitoba lawnbowlers with results of local, provincial, and national tournament results.

At present, we are active in our summer season at several clubs.  Seeking new bowlers always.


For our newer bowlers, be aware that this schedule involves playing games at other clubs as well as your own. A random draw (jitney) is held each time, and you will meet and play with bowlers from other clubs in a fun environment.

Games start at 10 am and last 12 ends. They are followed by a light snack at the hosting club.  The schedule below is tentative, and you will find the up-to-date schedule posted at your own club, once it is finalized.

2019  INTERCLUB InterClub Schedule

Wednesday, June 19th at Tuxedo LBC
Wednesday, June 26th at St. James LBC
Wednesday, July 3rd at Norwood LBC
Wednesday, July 10th at River Heights LBC
Wednesday, July 24th at Sargent Park LBC
Wednesday, July 31st at St. John’s LBC

Please arrive by 9:45 am – for more information, contact Sandra Mulholland at  ….(204).895-8088