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Manitoba Team Tournament A Success

The one time, one off, ‘toba Team Tournament has wrapped up after 5 days of play. The tournament’s aim of fun and competition were easily met. The competition came down to the top two seeds, the Van Walleghem team and the Kirby/Jones pairing. Congratulations to Elaine and Jerome who prevailed in the tournament final tie-break 9 end game. The game went back and forth until the score was 9 – 9 after 9. It was a great final game that could have gone either way. Congratulations to the Van Walleghem team, who, by all accounts played exceptionally well the entire week.

Drive ‘n Draw Contest

Congratulations to Carole Ritchot (above) – she won the Draw portion of last nights contest with a remarkable draw. Carole’s best was just 1 1/4 inches from the spot. No one else came close to that, with the next best being about 4/5 inches away. Bravo! The Drive contest was much closer, with three bowlers, John Bjornson, Malcolm Taylor and Jerome Kirby going into a playoff for the win. Playing T to T Kirby took the cat to the ditch on his first effort, and that was all she wrote. Well done!