Remembering Emilie

Norwood LBC recently honored the memory of long time member and exceptional woman Emilie Ammazzini. Emilie was dedicated to bowls and our community, she was a giver. On hand for the plaque unveiling was son Michael and husband Reno.

Emilie competed nationally at the Majors and the Seniors, served as Umpire in Chief for years, held multiple club offices including that of President and Secretary, she conducted coaching clinics, gave private lessons, organised national events, and supported Norwood whichever way she could. Emilie last served as BMI Director of Administration.

Emilie was an exceptional woman and a great example to all who knew her. Emilie may have been known as a bowler but she will be remembered as a wonderful, caring, and giving human being. We miss you Emilie.

Indoor Leagues @ Linden Ridge

Linden Ridge LBC Inc. is accepting registrations for Triples, Pairs and Singles until midnight September 15, 2021. There has been a great response to early registration, so don’t delay registering for indoor lawn bowling this coming season at Soul Sanctuary, 2050 Chevrier Blvd. Many of you who have already registered will be contacted by email to confirm your entry for Triples and/or Singles. I need to be sure my list to date is accurate. This year we are running a Pairs League to be played on Wed mornings. Triples will be played in the afternoons on Wed. There will be no jitney offered this year.  You can still sign up as a spare for each league. 

Covid-19 update:  To be able to play, all players must be fully vaccinated according to current Public Health orders and must provide proof to ensure LRLBC participants will be covered by insurance.  The new orders say that masks are not mandatory while playing but must be worn in common areas.  Players can wear a mask if they so choose.   We will continue to social distance and sanitize equipment etc.  All registrations should be emailed to

  1. Triples League 

The Triples League is accepting registrations for up to eight triples  teams (24 players).  All games will be played on Wednesday afternoons with trial bowls at 12:45 . Teams will be put together by the LRLBC Board. Teams will stay intact for the first twelve games.  New teams will be formed for after the Christmas break. Spares will be used for individuals going on short winter holidays. Note: there are only a few spots open. There is a fee of $85.00 if entered for Triples only on Wednesday afternoons. This includes the membership fee of $10.00 .    

  1. Pairs League (New) 

The Pairs League is new to LRLBC this year. We will accept eight pairs teams (sixteen players) . Players can make their own pairs team. Please register as a team if you know who you will be playing with this season. If you don’t have a partner to play with, no worries,  the Board will hook you up with another player. Teams will play twenty-four games on Wednesday mornings and play each other three times over the course of the season. The fee is $125.00 if entered for Pairs only on Wednesday mornings. This includes a membership fee of $10.00.   


If you enter more than one league you only pay the membership fee once. If you enter both the Triples and the Pairs League your combined cost could be $205.00. This amount could be slightly lower but it gives you an idea of what it roughly could cost. 

  1. Singles League 

The Singles League will accept up to 16 players. All games are played on Mon in the morning and afternoon. When you play is dependent on the draw. At times you will be asked to mark games so it is a whole day event. Depending on the maximum number of sixteen players being achieved, two divisions will be created like last year. If we have fewer players then it will be one group playing each other. We need at least twelve to fourteen players at minimum to offer singles on Mondays. Sixteen players would get us fifteen games. Projected cost (sixteen players) is approximately $85.00. This includes the club membership fee of $10.00. If you play in all three leagues your total cost is approximately $280.00. That is $4.44 per game played or $11.66 per week (24 weeks – includes the 15 weeks of singles). 

I am confident that Linden Ridge LBC will run at minimum a Triples League this season. The Pairs and Singles Leagues needs more registrations to be able to run this year. So please register as soon as you can. 

Look forward to seeing you at Soul Sanctuary this year.

Gerry Chudrick – Convenor

Singles League Final “A” Results

Congratulations Elaine Jones!
  • Elaine Jones 9-1
  • John Bjornson 8-2
  • Bob Van Walleghem 7-3
  • Shirley Fitpatrick-Wong 6-4
  • Betty Van Walleghem 6-4
  • Brian Kullman 6-4
  • Alan Curd 4-6
  • Rick Knockaert 4-6
  • May Goldsworthy 3-7
  • Trevor Feltham 1-9
  • Ron Nurse 0-10

Final game scores: Elaine Jones 18, May Goldsworthy 4, Betty Van 18,  Alan Curd 5,  Bob Van 18, Shirley Fitz-Wong 15,  Rick Knockaert 18, Trevor Feltham 1

Pairs League Final Results

The 2021 Pairs League came to an end on Fri, Aug 27th. We had a total of sixteen teams entered surpassing the fourteen teams entered last year. Our season was only ten games which included three playoff games. After the first game we decided to split the league into an A and B Division (8 in each) in order to get in as many games as possible before the end of Aug. After seven games teams were placed in either the Gold, Silver, Bronze or Ascender group for the playoffs. The Gold group included the top two teams from each division and the Silver group the third and fourth place teams from each and so on. And the winners are………

Final – Playoff
Gold Winners – Rick Nobess and Donna Gobeil
Silver Winners – Bob Van Walleghem and Ken Irvine
Bronze Winners – Mardal Flynn and Lorraine Horton
Ascender Winners – Elaine Jones and Diane MacIver

The runners up in each playoff group were Ian Thompson and Richard Miller (Gold), Rick Knockaert and Joanne Kullman
(Silver), Dennis Ducharme and Larry Jamieson (Bronze), Brenda Frank and David Kerr (Ascender). Also congrats to the teams of Dennis Ducharme/Larry Jamieson and Gerry Chudrick/Gillian McMurchy who all bowled perfect ends this season.
Cash prizes and unique trophies/mementos were given to the winners. Thank you Donna Gobeil for having treats on hand for the prize presentation.  A big thank you to Brenda Frank for running the Pairs League this season and making the prizes/mementos memorable.
Special mention: Congratulations to the team of Ian Thompson and Richard Miller for going without a loss (7 games) during the regular round robin.
Thank you to everyone for your participation and patience this season. Hope to see you all out next year. Gerry Chudrick, Convenor